April 5, 2019 DFH

Father God, what do You have for me to know today from the treasures of Your heart in Jesus name?

You cannot see My heart is breaking for My people when you do not know My people are hurting for lack of love when the lack is hidden out of pride. It breaks My heart to see what is happening behind closed doors of the hearts of the people who have a lack of love to give because of the lack of love that has been given. I can almost assure your heart of My love, but then it falls back into what the perspective of love is in the heart of the person who is needing more and more and more never to have enough love. How critical love is to a person’s emotional stability to bring balance in the physical and the spiritual parts of their body soul and spirit. It is important to Me that My people know how much I love them, but they can not know My love until they learn to accept where my love is coming from. Sometimes the places that my love comes from is an acquaintance, or it could be a friend or a significant other. Even a pet can show My Love because it is unconditional. But, because of all the hurts and wounds and backlashes of consequences and mistakes made there comes a time where a person can not see love that is real any longer. Instead, they see from the perspective of the hurts and when that happens people, in time, forget how to feel anything, and they become numb to life situations and life circumstances. It is going to become very evident as people let go of life situations and come to Me that is when they will come into a real relationship with Me because they will need what no one else can give them. I know that people will begin to grow by leaps and bounds in maturity as they begin to let go of the physical things in their life they will be able to see the spiritual part of who they are is craving what they could not get from the physical. It is important to the spirit of every person that where their spirit has been snuffed out by the wet blankets of life which the enemy caused to deter them through disappointment, or through shame, to keep their spirit from the hope. The hope that I have for them is to have the joy that is everlasting no matter what takes place in their life in the physical. It’s time that My people see the truth the real love as reality. It is time to see what I see as love not what the world has shown them as real love. It is not a sexual love it runs deeper. It is not a season of love that has no seasoning but much seasoning. What I mean when I say much seasoning is that a love so deep that it has grown past the surface and it has grown past the hiding of what is not good enough in the standard of the person who is being shown what real love is. It is going to change relationships. It is going to change what priorities have been to what they should be. Relationship is so important, which is what I had with Adam and Eve before they had sin. Now, I want to bring that back into My relationship with all those who are willing to pay the price of being seen with a pure heart no matter how ugly you think your heart is in your perspective. My desire is to have relationship with My Creation. Choose to have what I Am asking of you, and you will not ever be the same. It is your choice, not Mine, if you will allow yourself to be open to who you are to Me. Yes, I see everything, but if you are hiding from Me then you are not allowing Me to be part of who you are but instead, you are separating yourself from Me and I do not want that happen any longer. You are not perfect… only My Son Jesus is perfect! Do not try to cover up who you are out of how you judge others. It is not your perspective that I look at you it is My perspective. But because of you wanting to hide like Adam and Eve after they sinned they were ashamed to talk to Me. I do not want My people to live this way any longer. I want them to want a relationship with Me but it is their choice. I know who you are at heart but I also know who you are not. It is very much the perspective on how you see yourself is how you see your relationship with Me as valuable to have no matter what mistakes you make choose Me to see you out of them. I close the door to what has happened when you repent but do you? Do you allow yourself the freedom to be free or do you keep your own self in the prison of your shame and disappointment of failures that did not work out as planned by your own mindset? The time has come that I want you to know that love is all you need to give to make you who I Created you to be. Love does make the world go round without it the people of the world stop moving and being who they were created to be. I really want you to have access to My Kingdom in Heaven on Earth, but without love you can have nothing. It is going to become very fruitful on the earth as love is given love will be produced. People who have not ever had love want to be loved and it is through the heart of the King that I gave love for all who would desire to receive it. Now it is up to each person that knows Me to know they are loved by Me in such a way they can give love and not ever walk away from a relationship with the same heart because the heart that loves is the heart of God. O how your heart will grow deep with love as you stand and when you go back you will see you loved where you should love and you let love go. It is a sweet fragrance to MY nostrils to know that the aroma of love stood when there was no love being given back. It is in that place where love will grow in you by leaps and bounds if you stand without looking for it in return. The reason this happens is so that you can learn who you are in your own heart and you can learn it is not what you get in return that makes you it what you get when it is done and all else has failed and you still know you did what was the obedience of your heart. I love you. I love you even when you do not love Me back. The fear of disappointment and shame keeps you from loving Me back because you hide out of what you hide in your own heart. Be brave. Be courageous. Be honest with your own heart and accept what is as reality. There will be no more deception when you can do what love allows when your mind says “no” and your heart says “yes”. It has to be this way for true love to be what is allowed to surface. Weight it out no longer from a spirit of fear but instead a spirit of love. It is a choice, if you have an ear to hear, to let your choice be the reality of what was no longer but what is.

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