9/6/17 DFH

What can happen on earth when heaven comes will change the atmosphere, and will bring a new beginning into place for those who trust and believe I Am in control. I do not have to tell you to trust Me. You already know you should trust what I Am in your life, but sometimes people get caught in the trial and forget to look at it from a different aspect in order to bring that doubt to the table and let the fear be seen that is behind it. There is no one capable of getting in a place without Me as the Guide. You can all try to do it alone, but you will not be able to hold your footing without Me. It is a difficult walk when you walk alone or you walk with those of less faith than your own. It is very hard to stay where no one else can stand beside you and agree with how you agree. It is going to grow your faith. In your household, you have all walks of faith under one roof. Without the agreement of the Holy Spirit, you can not function as one. There is a significant value to being one in spirit with another believer. It has to seem as though you are moving in the right direction by way of peace as an emotional part of being in the frontier of a new territory. The truth is that the more you grow in the things of God the more your faith will increase and blossom overflowing in all areas of your life. It will no longer drain your soul and spirit for what you do not have coming in as a child of God. It releases all the areas that are hindered from growing because of the weight of the trial that is not yours to carry. It has been a good day when you can look back at where you saw and chose to follow the Spirit and not your flesh. Keep yourself in a position that no one can move you from; it is not a position of flesh but one of spirit. Here is how you catch yourself before you fall; by listening to the Spirit of God. Just focus on hearing God; and as you focus on hearing, listen and let where you were distracted be replaced with where you are focused. The enemy has a plan to separate… to destroy… and to dictate what is not his but My plan and I Am telling you that the most important part of any plan is the alignment that each part that plays comes into in order to pass the test. There can only be one victory and it is either My victory or the enemy’s that surpasses all the mind and emotional games that steal what the battle is to bring or not bring. It can either bring peace or more chaos. It is up to the person on what he or she is willing to sacrifice to get to the victory. Are you willing to sacrifice your soul for My Spirit? People can not get where I Am if they are not willing to get quiet and get in a place where they can not only hear but listen to what I Am saying to them. It has begun to get in a place in hearts all over that are desiring what you can have with Me if you are willing to pay the sacrifice. How often can anyone see and know where I Am and not follow? It is a test to either follow the Truth or the promise of the truth but never experience the Truth. It is a fruit not opened yet in that while hearing you are not listening. Listen to what I tell you and be a doer of the Word I give you and you will not acknowledge anything less than the truth. The lie will not ever be able to catch you in a distraction that is not from God. The lie will not separate what is truth from your Spirit. It will have no purpose; because you heard and listened to the voice of truth and in that there is no distraction that will separate you from the Holy Spirit. It is not your responsibility to do anything that will cause you to be distracted if you are focused on the heart of God. Anytime you get distracted by your own soul through how you think something should be fixed or how something should turnout….STOP!…It’s not yours to fix and it will turn into a mess. Take it one problem at a time and allow the Holy Spirit to help. You can not let the Holy Spirit help if you do not know what that means. That means stay out of it. Do not fix what is not in your control. Let the Holy Spirit guide you into all truth. That’s why each person should be still and see what God is doing without you. Let God work out what is not yours to do. You can not change a person’s behavior. You have to allow the behavior to surface and on the surface is where the problem is faced. The problem is not that the behavior has been seen but where did the behavior come from? Enjoy where you are and you will not grow; you only grow when as you enjoy you see yourself as you are, in the changes and not in the stagnancy of life. It is not too late to turn back to a place where you just stay in My Presence. The only way to hear and listen is to not allow the distractions around you to separate you from Me. It is not easy. It is not genuine if you do not listen by being a doer of the word. It will only be genuine when you do what you have heard and that takes courage and faith that what you heard is the reality at it’s finest. It has to be this way for you to realize that listening is more of a gift than hearing when it comes to what I say in our relationship. I want all who hear Me to begin to listen with an ear to hear so that they will come into My promises that are true! I have a goal for you to each one meet in your relationship with Me if you are willing to pay the price. Are you willing to pay the price? The price is not just time but to focus on what is being said. Focus is the goal. As you focus it will take root in who you are in ME and in who your identity is coming into as you grow through the focus of what you are hearing that will transform who you are to who you are becoming. It can not be less. The fruit will be so obvious in your walk that few will touch where you have been in the Spirit because of the focus that is taking root growing you spiritually in the Spirit. There will not be any explanation. Focus. Listen to what you hear. Put it to action in your life and in your relationship with Me. What will take place is not for anyone else to see it is for you and I to know what is happening behind closed doors. It is a choice within yourself you must choose to make; that will make you desire this next level with Me and the Heavenly realm with such a stirring that no one will be able to put it out. 9/6/17

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