9/26/17 DFH

9/26/17 Thanks for what has been done. Thanks for what is to come. Thanks for what is being done. All of these things can not and will not surface as long as you are in a place of healing. When you are in a place of healing all you can see is the healing taking place. It is not until you have let your healing saturate your soul; can you give thanks. It is not because your heart is not thankful, it is because you are so blinded by the pain that it takes a season of resting in your healing in order to see what you are thankful for. Yes, you can give thanks but it is not real thanks from the heart until you have had time to embrace the pain that is being healed. As you embrace the pain you can embrace the healing. It is an exciting time for the soul to not only see the pain being dealt with but being released. So few people see it released because their soul is so caught up in the pain. No one can understand where they are or see where they are when all they see is hurt. The pain of the past can destroy you if you allow it. That is why you have to learn how to put it behind you. It is not because of what has happened, but because of what is going to happen. I can not see anything in where I Am when all I see is, where I was in a person’s life. Their life must change enough for Me to be able to see Me in their life now, out of their heart, seeing Me in where they are. It is going to be a long recovery process when I Am not allowed to be seen by the heart, out of a heart that has been hurt. It is not My fault. It is not your fault. It is not the person’s fault. It is a life experience that must be seen as life and not as defense or offense. Brokenness comes from unforgiveness. A person who has forgiven is no longer broken. A person who has forgiven can no longer look at the person the same because of the forgiveness covering the hurt to the point of no return. No return to the pain ….it is forgotten. That is where true love comes from. FORGIVENESS. FORGIVENESS. No more blame. No more hurt. No more anger. No more bitter heart. No more bitter tongue. FORGIVENESS. Can you look at where the hurt comes from and look at Me? Look at where the hurt comes from and see LOVE. Let Love cover the unforgiveness. Let Love cover the hurt. Let Love cover the pain. Let Love cover where the heart is. And in that, the heart will be seen as Me. There cannot be another means of forgiveness other than love. People cannot get where you are without love showing them the way. You have to see it is because of love… you go back and finish what you started. It is because of love you do not give up. It is because no one in their right mind or heart will let love pass them by. It is to hard to walk without love. It is to hard to walk without the One who loved you enough to not only die for you on earth in flesh and in the soul but also to rise again to intercede for you on the throne of grace before My Father who loves you as much as He loves Me. No one can fathom this type of love unless they to love as the Father Who Created them. No one can experience true love till they know the true love of their Heavenly Father. How can so many people turn true love away when they need love too fill the void in their life that only the GODHEAD can fill? It is not that they are not loved by the people of the world but that love is not unconditional. That love is not forced. That love is not on any terms but received just as it is…how long can a person go without knowing the love of their Creator? Once you know HIS LOVE nothing else matters. Nothing else can love or be loved as the relationship you have with The One WHO LOVES YOU MORE THAN you can ever be loved by the world. The people who represent God are the ones who carry a great love for the heart of the one God has created and only the people of God can love what the world can not. Love is Forgiveness Without forgiveness, you cannot love.

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