8/18/17 DFH

8/18/17 It is time for a new beginning; letting go of the old and grabbing hold of the new. It is not that the old will be forgotten, but it will not be remembered as the same emotionally. It is the responsibility of your own walk to get yourself delivered. It is up to you to accept deliverance as it comes from the bondage of the past whether it is spiritual, emotional or physical. There is a choice within yourself that people do not recognize as a choice they must make to become whole. It is time to get whole. I Am in the process of healing and getting rid of what does not belong within your soul that is hindering you from being more like Me. My Testimony is within your testimony. How you live your life as belonging to Me as Mine can hurt My Testimony and yours if you are not walking in wholeness. Hurt people hurt people. Make sure you carry yourself in love not hate in everything you do loving Me more than anyone or anything else in your life. It is time to see yourself as I see you through Jesus, but you must have the character trait of Jesus and you can not do that if you are not in wholeness. Wholeness will carry you into a whole new level of who you are and who I Am in you. It is going to make you very aware of what you should or should not say the more you allow yourself to walk in wholeness. Your actions will become different in how you react as the healing begins to manifest in your soul. It is not that the people do not need to see the real you but they do need to understand that you are willing to let Me change the old in you so that the new will be what is seen. You can not do anything to please others it is all about pleasing Me as your God. The way you will please Me is love without judging…love without pointing fingers…love and do not look at where they came from…but look at where they are going. As My Heart is represented thru you I want you to begin to love others where they are in Me not where they are going. In that, you are loving others to change them that is not what it is about. It is about loving them the way they are and allowing Me to do the changing. It does not happen overnight. It happens over a period of time where people little by little overcome the hurdles that are hard to get over until they begin being loved for who they are where they are. You do not have to push them away just because they are not like you. Begin to love them and accept them if you are not strong enough to stand in who they are or where they are then back off enough to stay focused on what your part is in the relationship. Do not allow anyone to steal your ground you stand on in Me, from you. It is appropriate to keep alert in all situations and allow yourself time to come to where I Am in the process of where you are in every situation. It is a call that you must stand tall in your relationship with Who I Am in your life without getting pulled back into the familiarness of the past. It is a call to be strong in My Name as your God in all circumstances. I always leave a way out in any test or trial that the enemy could pull you under or into a trap you could be caught in. It is your choice on if you say yes or no. Be sure to always let your “yes be yes” and your “no be no”. Are you able to stand by yourself?…NO! You will be able to stand in all situations if you are willing to stay close to Me, in My Presence. It is a choice that only you can make. I will not leave you alone there in any situation that is not healthy, but I will be there in the midst of wherever you are all you have to do is come to where I Am and let Me be in the situation with you, in your eyes, not just Mine. Then you will know that I did not leave you. It is good to be in the presence of the LORD at all times then you will rest in where you are no matter the situation. It is by choice that you live your life for Me or for you. What is it going to be? My life, or your life that fulfills your destiny and leads you to where My Heart is for people who are hurting. Will you go in My Strength or your strength? You will come up higher as you go in My Strength. You will fall and stumble when you go in your strength. Be decisive and consistent. Be strong and brave. Be love without fear, and you will stand in places for people they could not stand by their self. No hurt will be in you if you will let Me heal you in a healthy fashion making and molding you as you are willing to love where you are in ME. Let everything that use to be in you go. It is okay …it is over… the newness of life is ready to be lived in you. And I Am with you leading you every step of the way. Release all the fear that has held you back from living a full life in My Name.

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