Father God, What do You have for me to know today from the treasure of Your Heart in Jesus name?

It is time to set yourself apart from comparing yourself to anyone else.  It is time to go, and to do what I have put in you to do; you are equipped to do the task with the anointing that only you can walk in.  It has to be this way, but so much of My people seem to look at how everybody else does what they are anointed to do. There is nothing too hard for you when I Am in it.  I know it seems like you are not good enough to be who I have said you are, but you are wrong. I tell you who I Created you to be, I did not Create anyone else to be you; or to do what you do, the way you do it.  There is such a strong heart in you to do what I Created you to do, and with that will be the passion that you need to draw My people to where I Am in you. There is something that you must know about yourself that no one can tell you it is just knowing who you are, and being able to let yourself be that person without forcing your soul to be something it was not created to be.  In order to commit to something or to someone, you have to commit to who you are; in who you are, without trying to hide behind the flaws and the perfection of who you are not. I know that this seems like it is more than it should be in order to get in a place to commit, but as long as you are comparing, you cannot commit. It is true to commit, you must know who you are, and know what you are doing in the place you stand; anything else is a wrong perspective with a wrong motive.  I know that times are hard for those who do not know who they are; but until they know who I Am they cannot truly know their own soul, because they have a spirit that was Created to be part of them, and that spirit is what takes them to where I Am; as I draw them and lead them with My Spirit, their soul and spirit follow. I release the soul in you to have the freedom to follow My Spirit, or not, with allowing your own spirit to have dominion over your soul; without dominion over your soul, your spirit will sit in the back seat and your flesh will control your choices, and your ideas will be more soul led by emotions, than spirit led, by the Spirit of God.  For the first time many people seem to think they are controlled by their spirit more than their flesh, but the truth is if you are still comparing yourself to someone else then you are led by the flesh of your soul. It has to be given many experiences where people do not know where they belong; because they can not follow the Spirit of God, and when that happens their flesh takes over, and leads their soul into places they do not belong. Once you have learned who you are, and why you are where you are, the world cannot move you into a place that the soul rules from the past. It is a place of commitment that comes between your soul, and your spirit, where no one can shatter what is truth in you for your life, no matter what happens you will not walk away, you will stay grounded in a foundation of commitment between yourself and God.  As Jesus comes to visit your heart, you will be prevailed to not give up on who you are, or on who God says you are, but it is only through the relationship you have with God as a committed vessel with a heart strong to stand in the position of your calling, without wavering in a commitment of reality with Who God is in your own life. It takes great courage to not walk away from commitment and to stand in a place where there has always been a comparison of who, what, when, and where is the best of the best. What I have seen in My people is fear of who they are, and fear of not being able to fill the shoes of the calling, but what I want My people to know is there is no comparison when it comes to My plans for your life. I know the reality of the calling is that you will not be able to do what other people do in the same giftings; but I do not use any one person the same way, because I do not want anyone to think they have to be a certain way for Me to flow through them, with My Power and My Anointing, when it comes down to the grand scheme of things.  It is not the person. It is My Spirit, and it is the love of Jesus that is flowing through you at that moment, but it has nothing to do with you. All you have to do is be a willing vessel, and if you are willing, I will complete what I start in you, and it will not go unfinished. It is time you see the grand scheme of things with a different eye, not the natural eye, but your spiritual eye for your own life. I know that you love Me where you are, and that says a lot for each of My people who call Me by name. I tell you how brave you are to walk the path I have for you when it seems like all odds are against you; but I tell you they are not against you enough to stop Me from being in you, to be who I Am in you as the man or the woman that I created you to be. There is a calling on your life, but you have to stop looking at how I use everybody else; because I Am not the same in you. You do not have to be perfect for Me to use you. You do not have to be beautiful in the worlds eye for Me to use you. You do not have to be intellectually smarter than someone else, for Me to use you.  You do not have to talk to everybody you meet, for Me to see the love in you, or on you. All you have to do is be willing and open to My leading by My Spirit, and as you follow My Direction you will come into blessings and fruitfulness maturing you in places that no one else could see as immature; but you, or Me. I desire you to be fruitful and to be maturing with increase and love that is unending out of the vessel in you because you have been allowing Me to love on you in ways that heal you, and fill you up with goodness and mercy for others. I tell you if you will listen with an ear to hear and acknowledge where you are as a place you belong, and allow yourself to commit and to stop comparing what surrounds you then and only then will you be able to accept who you are, and where you are, and not waver in the commitment of where I your God, has you in this season. I choose to bless you and to bring increase into your body, soul, and spirit if you will allow your spirit to lead you to where My Spirit is bringing you into safe waters, and green pastures for your soul to find rest in these days where the enemy does not want you to have rest.   Be brave, as you walk the walk of faith with love, and you will reply with faith and love in all things as you go about your day with peace and love and then joy will become part of your everyday life without comparison, or the fear to commit. Be strong and have faith to commit to what God is in your life; for all the places He has you standing, and all the places He has you resting.

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