Father God, What do You have for me to know today from the treasure of Your Heart in Jesus name?

It is time to set yourself apart from comparing yourself to anyone else.  It is time to go, and to do what I have put in you to do; you are equipped to do the task with the anointing that only you can walk in.  It has to be this way, but so much of My people seem to look at how everybody else does what they are anointed to do. There is nothing too hard for you when I Am in it.  I know it seems like you are not good enough to be who I have said you are, but you are wrong. I tell you who I Created you to be, I did not Create anyone else to be you; or to do what you do, the way you do it.  There is such a strong heart in you to do what I Created you to do, and with that will be the passion that you need to draw My people to where I Am in you. There is something that you must know about yourself that no one can tell you it is just knowing who you are, and being able to let yourself be that person without forcing your soul to be something it was not created to be.  In order to commit to something or to someone, you have to commit to who you are; in who you are, without trying to hide behind the flaws and the perfection of who you are not. I know that this seems like it is more than it should be in order to get in a place to commit, but as long as you are comparing, you cannot commit. It is true to commit, you must know who you are, and know what you are doing in the place you stand; anything else is a wrong perspective with a wrong motive.  I know that times are hard for those who do not know who they are; but until they know who I Am they cannot truly know their own soul, because they have a spirit that was Created to be part of them, and that spirit is what takes them to where I Am; as I draw them and lead them with My Spirit, their soul and spirit follow. I release the soul in you to have the freedom to follow My Spirit, or not, with allowing your own spirit to have dominion over your soul; without dominion over your soul, your spirit will sit in the back seat and your flesh will control your choices, and your ideas will be more soul led by emotions, than spirit led, by the Spirit of God.  For the first time many people seem to think they are controlled by their spirit more than their flesh, but the truth is if you are still comparing yourself to someone else then you are led by the flesh of your soul. It has to be given many experiences where people do not know where they belong; because they can not follow the Spirit of God, and when that happens their flesh takes over, and leads their soul into places they do not belong. Once you have learned who you are, and why you are where you are, the world cannot move you into a place that the soul rules from the past. It is a place of commitment that comes between your soul, and your spirit, where no one can shatter what is truth in you for your life, no matter what happens you will not walk away, you will stay grounded in a foundation of commitment between yourself and God.  As Jesus comes to visit your heart, you will be prevailed to not give up on who you are, or on who God says you are, but it is only through the relationship you have with God as a committed vessel with a heart strong to stand in the position of your calling, without wavering in a commitment of reality with Who God is in your own life. It takes great courage to not walk away from commitment and to stand in a place where there has always been a comparison of who, what, when, and where is the best of the best. What I have seen in My people is fear of who they are, and fear of not being able to fill the shoes of the calling, but what I want My people to know is there is no comparison when it comes to My plans for your life. I know the reality of the calling is that you will not be able to do what other people do in the same giftings; but I do not use any one person the same way, because I do not want anyone to think they have to be a certain way for Me to flow through them, with My Power and My Anointing, when it comes down to the grand scheme of things.  It is not the person. It is My Spirit, and it is the love of Jesus that is flowing through you at that moment, but it has nothing to do with you. All you have to do is be a willing vessel, and if you are willing, I will complete what I start in you, and it will not go unfinished. It is time you see the grand scheme of things with a different eye, not the natural eye, but your spiritual eye for your own life. I know that you love Me where you are, and that says a lot for each of My people who call Me by name. I tell you how brave you are to walk the path I have for you when it seems like all odds are against you; but I tell you they are not against you enough to stop Me from being in you, to be who I Am in you as the man or the woman that I created you to be. There is a calling on your life, but you have to stop looking at how I use everybody else; because I Am not the same in you. You do not have to be perfect for Me to use you. You do not have to be beautiful in the worlds eye for Me to use you. You do not have to be intellectually smarter than someone else, for Me to use you.  You do not have to talk to everybody you meet, for Me to see the love in you, or on you. All you have to do is be willing and open to My leading by My Spirit, and as you follow My Direction you will come into blessings and fruitfulness maturing you in places that no one else could see as immature; but you, or Me. I desire you to be fruitful and to be maturing with increase and love that is unending out of the vessel in you because you have been allowing Me to love on you in ways that heal you, and fill you up with goodness and mercy for others. I tell you if you will listen with an ear to hear and acknowledge where you are as a place you belong, and allow yourself to commit and to stop comparing what surrounds you then and only then will you be able to accept who you are, and where you are, and not waver in the commitment of where I your God, has you in this season. I choose to bless you and to bring increase into your body, soul, and spirit if you will allow your spirit to lead you to where My Spirit is bringing you into safe waters, and green pastures for your soul to find rest in these days where the enemy does not want you to have rest.   Be brave, as you walk the walk of faith with love, and you will reply with faith and love in all things as you go about your day with peace and love and then joy will become part of your everyday life without comparison, or the fear to commit. Be strong and have faith to commit to what God is in your life; for all the places He has you standing, and all the places He has you resting.

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April 5, 2019 DFH

Father God, what do You have for me to know today from the treasures of Your heart in Jesus name?

You cannot see My heart is breaking for My people when you do not know My people are hurting for lack of love when the lack is hidden out of pride. It breaks My heart to see what is happening behind closed doors of the hearts of the people who have a lack of love to give because of the lack of love that has been given. I can almost assure your heart of My love, but then it falls back into what the perspective of love is in the heart of the person who is needing more and more and more never to have enough love. How critical love is to a person’s emotional stability to bring balance in the physical and the spiritual parts of their body soul and spirit. It is important to Me that My people know how much I love them, but they can not know My love until they learn to accept where my love is coming from. Sometimes the places that my love comes from is an acquaintance, or it could be a friend or a significant other. Even a pet can show My Love because it is unconditional. But, because of all the hurts and wounds and backlashes of consequences and mistakes made there comes a time where a person can not see love that is real any longer. Instead, they see from the perspective of the hurts and when that happens people, in time, forget how to feel anything, and they become numb to life situations and life circumstances. It is going to become very evident as people let go of life situations and come to Me that is when they will come into a real relationship with Me because they will need what no one else can give them. I know that people will begin to grow by leaps and bounds in maturity as they begin to let go of the physical things in their life they will be able to see the spiritual part of who they are is craving what they could not get from the physical. It is important to the spirit of every person that where their spirit has been snuffed out by the wet blankets of life which the enemy caused to deter them through disappointment, or through shame, to keep their spirit from the hope. The hope that I have for them is to have the joy that is everlasting no matter what takes place in their life in the physical. It’s time that My people see the truth the real love as reality. It is time to see what I see as love not what the world has shown them as real love. It is not a sexual love it runs deeper. It is not a season of love that has no seasoning but much seasoning. What I mean when I say much seasoning is that a love so deep that it has grown past the surface and it has grown past the hiding of what is not good enough in the standard of the person who is being shown what real love is. It is going to change relationships. It is going to change what priorities have been to what they should be. Relationship is so important, which is what I had with Adam and Eve before they had sin. Now, I want to bring that back into My relationship with all those who are willing to pay the price of being seen with a pure heart no matter how ugly you think your heart is in your perspective. My desire is to have relationship with My Creation. Choose to have what I Am asking of you, and you will not ever be the same. It is your choice, not Mine, if you will allow yourself to be open to who you are to Me. Yes, I see everything, but if you are hiding from Me then you are not allowing Me to be part of who you are but instead, you are separating yourself from Me and I do not want that happen any longer. You are not perfect… only My Son Jesus is perfect! Do not try to cover up who you are out of how you judge others. It is not your perspective that I look at you it is My perspective. But because of you wanting to hide like Adam and Eve after they sinned they were ashamed to talk to Me. I do not want My people to live this way any longer. I want them to want a relationship with Me but it is their choice. I know who you are at heart but I also know who you are not. It is very much the perspective on how you see yourself is how you see your relationship with Me as valuable to have no matter what mistakes you make choose Me to see you out of them. I close the door to what has happened when you repent but do you? Do you allow yourself the freedom to be free or do you keep your own self in the prison of your shame and disappointment of failures that did not work out as planned by your own mindset? The time has come that I want you to know that love is all you need to give to make you who I Created you to be. Love does make the world go round without it the people of the world stop moving and being who they were created to be. I really want you to have access to My Kingdom in Heaven on Earth, but without love you can have nothing. It is going to become very fruitful on the earth as love is given love will be produced. People who have not ever had love want to be loved and it is through the heart of the King that I gave love for all who would desire to receive it. Now it is up to each person that knows Me to know they are loved by Me in such a way they can give love and not ever walk away from a relationship with the same heart because the heart that loves is the heart of God. O how your heart will grow deep with love as you stand and when you go back you will see you loved where you should love and you let love go. It is a sweet fragrance to MY nostrils to know that the aroma of love stood when there was no love being given back. It is in that place where love will grow in you by leaps and bounds if you stand without looking for it in return. The reason this happens is so that you can learn who you are in your own heart and you can learn it is not what you get in return that makes you it what you get when it is done and all else has failed and you still know you did what was the obedience of your heart. I love you. I love you even when you do not love Me back. The fear of disappointment and shame keeps you from loving Me back because you hide out of what you hide in your own heart. Be brave. Be courageous. Be honest with your own heart and accept what is as reality. There will be no more deception when you can do what love allows when your mind says “no” and your heart says “yes”. It has to be this way for true love to be what is allowed to surface. Weight it out no longer from a spirit of fear but instead a spirit of love. It is a choice, if you have an ear to hear, to let your choice be the reality of what was no longer but what is.

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9/26/17 DFH

9/26/17 Thanks for what has been done. Thanks for what is to come. Thanks for what is being done. All of these things can not and will not surface as long as you are in a place of healing. When you are in a place of healing all you can see is the healing taking place. It is not until you have let your healing saturate your soul; can you give thanks. It is not because your heart is not thankful, it is because you are so blinded by the pain that it takes a season of resting in your healing in order to see what you are thankful for. Yes, you can give thanks but it is not real thanks from the heart until you have had time to embrace the pain that is being healed. As you embrace the pain you can embrace the healing. It is an exciting time for the soul to not only see the pain being dealt with but being released. So few people see it released because their soul is so caught up in the pain. No one can understand where they are or see where they are when all they see is hurt. The pain of the past can destroy you if you allow it. That is why you have to learn how to put it behind you. It is not because of what has happened, but because of what is going to happen. I can not see anything in where I Am when all I see is, where I was in a person’s life. Their life must change enough for Me to be able to see Me in their life now, out of their heart, seeing Me in where they are. It is going to be a long recovery process when I Am not allowed to be seen by the heart, out of a heart that has been hurt. It is not My fault. It is not your fault. It is not the person’s fault. It is a life experience that must be seen as life and not as defense or offense. Brokenness comes from unforgiveness. A person who has forgiven is no longer broken. A person who has forgiven can no longer look at the person the same because of the forgiveness covering the hurt to the point of no return. No return to the pain ….it is forgotten. That is where true love comes from. FORGIVENESS. FORGIVENESS. No more blame. No more hurt. No more anger. No more bitter heart. No more bitter tongue. FORGIVENESS. Can you look at where the hurt comes from and look at Me? Look at where the hurt comes from and see LOVE. Let Love cover the unforgiveness. Let Love cover the hurt. Let Love cover the pain. Let Love cover where the heart is. And in that, the heart will be seen as Me. There cannot be another means of forgiveness other than love. People cannot get where you are without love showing them the way. You have to see it is because of love… you go back and finish what you started. It is because of love you do not give up. It is because no one in their right mind or heart will let love pass them by. It is to hard to walk without love. It is to hard to walk without the One who loved you enough to not only die for you on earth in flesh and in the soul but also to rise again to intercede for you on the throne of grace before My Father who loves you as much as He loves Me. No one can fathom this type of love unless they to love as the Father Who Created them. No one can experience true love till they know the true love of their Heavenly Father. How can so many people turn true love away when they need love too fill the void in their life that only the GODHEAD can fill? It is not that they are not loved by the people of the world but that love is not unconditional. That love is not forced. That love is not on any terms but received just as it is…how long can a person go without knowing the love of their Creator? Once you know HIS LOVE nothing else matters. Nothing else can love or be loved as the relationship you have with The One WHO LOVES YOU MORE THAN you can ever be loved by the world. The people who represent God are the ones who carry a great love for the heart of the one God has created and only the people of God can love what the world can not. Love is Forgiveness Without forgiveness, you cannot love.

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9/6/17 DFH

What can happen on earth when heaven comes will change the atmosphere, and will bring a new beginning into place for those who trust and believe I Am in control. I do not have to tell you to trust Me. You already know you should trust what I Am in your life, but sometimes people get caught in the trial and forget to look at it from a different aspect in order to bring that doubt to the table and let the fear be seen that is behind it. There is no one capable of getting in a place without Me as the Guide. You can all try to do it alone, but you will not be able to hold your footing without Me. It is a difficult walk when you walk alone or you walk with those of less faith than your own. It is very hard to stay where no one else can stand beside you and agree with how you agree. It is going to grow your faith. In your household, you have all walks of faith under one roof. Without the agreement of the Holy Spirit, you can not function as one. There is a significant value to being one in spirit with another believer. It has to seem as though you are moving in the right direction by way of peace as an emotional part of being in the frontier of a new territory. The truth is that the more you grow in the things of God the more your faith will increase and blossom overflowing in all areas of your life. It will no longer drain your soul and spirit for what you do not have coming in as a child of God. It releases all the areas that are hindered from growing because of the weight of the trial that is not yours to carry. It has been a good day when you can look back at where you saw and chose to follow the Spirit and not your flesh. Keep yourself in a position that no one can move you from; it is not a position of flesh but one of spirit. Here is how you catch yourself before you fall; by listening to the Spirit of God. Just focus on hearing God; and as you focus on hearing, listen and let where you were distracted be replaced with where you are focused. The enemy has a plan to separate… to destroy… and to dictate what is not his but My plan and I Am telling you that the most important part of any plan is the alignment that each part that plays comes into in order to pass the test. There can only be one victory and it is either My victory or the enemy’s that surpasses all the mind and emotional games that steal what the battle is to bring or not bring. It can either bring peace or more chaos. It is up to the person on what he or she is willing to sacrifice to get to the victory. Are you willing to sacrifice your soul for My Spirit? People can not get where I Am if they are not willing to get quiet and get in a place where they can not only hear but listen to what I Am saying to them. It has begun to get in a place in hearts all over that are desiring what you can have with Me if you are willing to pay the sacrifice. How often can anyone see and know where I Am and not follow? It is a test to either follow the Truth or the promise of the truth but never experience the Truth. It is a fruit not opened yet in that while hearing you are not listening. Listen to what I tell you and be a doer of the Word I give you and you will not acknowledge anything less than the truth. The lie will not ever be able to catch you in a distraction that is not from God. The lie will not separate what is truth from your Spirit. It will have no purpose; because you heard and listened to the voice of truth and in that there is no distraction that will separate you from the Holy Spirit. It is not your responsibility to do anything that will cause you to be distracted if you are focused on the heart of God. Anytime you get distracted by your own soul through how you think something should be fixed or how something should turnout….STOP!…It’s not yours to fix and it will turn into a mess. Take it one problem at a time and allow the Holy Spirit to help. You can not let the Holy Spirit help if you do not know what that means. That means stay out of it. Do not fix what is not in your control. Let the Holy Spirit guide you into all truth. That’s why each person should be still and see what God is doing without you. Let God work out what is not yours to do. You can not change a person’s behavior. You have to allow the behavior to surface and on the surface is where the problem is faced. The problem is not that the behavior has been seen but where did the behavior come from? Enjoy where you are and you will not grow; you only grow when as you enjoy you see yourself as you are, in the changes and not in the stagnancy of life. It is not too late to turn back to a place where you just stay in My Presence. The only way to hear and listen is to not allow the distractions around you to separate you from Me. It is not easy. It is not genuine if you do not listen by being a doer of the word. It will only be genuine when you do what you have heard and that takes courage and faith that what you heard is the reality at it’s finest. It has to be this way for you to realize that listening is more of a gift than hearing when it comes to what I say in our relationship. I want all who hear Me to begin to listen with an ear to hear so that they will come into My promises that are true! I have a goal for you to each one meet in your relationship with Me if you are willing to pay the price. Are you willing to pay the price? The price is not just time but to focus on what is being said. Focus is the goal. As you focus it will take root in who you are in ME and in who your identity is coming into as you grow through the focus of what you are hearing that will transform who you are to who you are becoming. It can not be less. The fruit will be so obvious in your walk that few will touch where you have been in the Spirit because of the focus that is taking root growing you spiritually in the Spirit. There will not be any explanation. Focus. Listen to what you hear. Put it to action in your life and in your relationship with Me. What will take place is not for anyone else to see it is for you and I to know what is happening behind closed doors. It is a choice within yourself you must choose to make; that will make you desire this next level with Me and the Heavenly realm with such a stirring that no one will be able to put it out. 9/6/17

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8/18/17 DFH

8/18/17 It is time for a new beginning; letting go of the old and grabbing hold of the new. It is not that the old will be forgotten, but it will not be remembered as the same emotionally. It is the responsibility of your own walk to get yourself delivered. It is up to you to accept deliverance as it comes from the bondage of the past whether it is spiritual, emotional or physical. There is a choice within yourself that people do not recognize as a choice they must make to become whole. It is time to get whole. I Am in the process of healing and getting rid of what does not belong within your soul that is hindering you from being more like Me. My Testimony is within your testimony. How you live your life as belonging to Me as Mine can hurt My Testimony and yours if you are not walking in wholeness. Hurt people hurt people. Make sure you carry yourself in love not hate in everything you do loving Me more than anyone or anything else in your life. It is time to see yourself as I see you through Jesus, but you must have the character trait of Jesus and you can not do that if you are not in wholeness. Wholeness will carry you into a whole new level of who you are and who I Am in you. It is going to make you very aware of what you should or should not say the more you allow yourself to walk in wholeness. Your actions will become different in how you react as the healing begins to manifest in your soul. It is not that the people do not need to see the real you but they do need to understand that you are willing to let Me change the old in you so that the new will be what is seen. You can not do anything to please others it is all about pleasing Me as your God. The way you will please Me is love without judging…love without pointing fingers…love and do not look at where they came from…but look at where they are going. As My Heart is represented thru you I want you to begin to love others where they are in Me not where they are going. In that, you are loving others to change them that is not what it is about. It is about loving them the way they are and allowing Me to do the changing. It does not happen overnight. It happens over a period of time where people little by little overcome the hurdles that are hard to get over until they begin being loved for who they are where they are. You do not have to push them away just because they are not like you. Begin to love them and accept them if you are not strong enough to stand in who they are or where they are then back off enough to stay focused on what your part is in the relationship. Do not allow anyone to steal your ground you stand on in Me, from you. It is appropriate to keep alert in all situations and allow yourself time to come to where I Am in the process of where you are in every situation. It is a call that you must stand tall in your relationship with Who I Am in your life without getting pulled back into the familiarness of the past. It is a call to be strong in My Name as your God in all circumstances. I always leave a way out in any test or trial that the enemy could pull you under or into a trap you could be caught in. It is your choice on if you say yes or no. Be sure to always let your “yes be yes” and your “no be no”. Are you able to stand by yourself?…NO! You will be able to stand in all situations if you are willing to stay close to Me, in My Presence. It is a choice that only you can make. I will not leave you alone there in any situation that is not healthy, but I will be there in the midst of wherever you are all you have to do is come to where I Am and let Me be in the situation with you, in your eyes, not just Mine. Then you will know that I did not leave you. It is good to be in the presence of the LORD at all times then you will rest in where you are no matter the situation. It is by choice that you live your life for Me or for you. What is it going to be? My life, or your life that fulfills your destiny and leads you to where My Heart is for people who are hurting. Will you go in My Strength or your strength? You will come up higher as you go in My Strength. You will fall and stumble when you go in your strength. Be decisive and consistent. Be strong and brave. Be love without fear, and you will stand in places for people they could not stand by their self. No hurt will be in you if you will let Me heal you in a healthy fashion making and molding you as you are willing to love where you are in ME. Let everything that use to be in you go. It is okay …it is over… the newness of life is ready to be lived in you. And I Am with you leading you every step of the way. Release all the fear that has held you back from living a full life in My Name.

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